For over twenty years I have endeavored to provide exquisite museum quality framing and preservation for your fine art needs. We will continue with great commitment to provide such customized work, which has been and will remain the core of our business. I do recognize, however,  that not every project demands archival materials. Keeping that in mind, my new Esty line offers more accessible pricing and quicker turnaround for every day projects or commercials items that require high quantity repetition. We all have those pieces that we have been meaning to frame forever and now you can utilize the highest quality framing expertise alongside a friendlier price point. Please rest assured that whether you choose the higher-end, made to measure frame or the new curated Esty collection, your experience with me will not change: I will still provide you with the same consultation and attention to detail that you expect from me. That is my pledge, my mantra and quite frankly, the heart of my business. Come into the studio at your convenience. I look forward to showing you the new curated line of Esty collection. I am confident that you will share my enthusiasm and look forward to continuing  to serve your diverse framing needs.